Friday, November 4, 2011

Stuart Little by E.B. White

How terribly surprised the Little family must have been when their second child turned out to be a small mouse. Apparently familiar with the axiom that "when in New York City, anything can happen," the Littles accept young Stuart into their family unquestioningly--with the exception of Snowbell the cat who is unable to overcome his instinctive dislike for the little mouse. They build him a bed from a matchbox, and supply him with all of the accoutrements a young mouse could need. Mrs. Little even fashions him a suit, because baby clothes would obviously be unsuitable for such a sophisticated mouse. In return, Stuart helps his tall family with errant Ping-Pong balls that roll outside of their reach.
E. B. White takes Stuart on a hero's quest across the American countryside, introducing the mouse--and the reader--to a myriad of delightful characters. Little finds himself embroiled in one adventure after another from the excitement of racing sailboats to the unseen horrors of substitute teaching. This is a story of leaving home for the first time, of growing up, and ultimately of discovering oneself. At times, doesn't everyone feel like the sole mouse in a family--and a world--of extremely tall people? (Ages 9 to 12)
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I haven’t read this book in years. In fact the last time I remember reading this book was with my Daddy when I was a tiny tot.  I loved it back then and I love it now. Although, now I couldn’t help but compare it to Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

                This is one childhood read that I think may have lost it’s magic for me. It was still a fun read and brought back a whole lot of nostalgia but, I found myself saddened that I didn’t care for Stuart this time around. Maybe it’s because I adore the Stuart Little movies (if you haven’t seen them go watch them people…NOW). Stuart came across as being less cute than I remember. He was more abrupt and rude in my opinion.

I was happy to see Snowbell and Margalo in the book again. I found it sweet that Stuart fell for Margalo and took off northward to find her.  When he decided that he would leave his family was bittersweet and I felt bad for his family.

I loved the illustrations in the  book they were just like I remembered.  I think this is a great book for kids but I think it is just one of those ones for me that I’ll like more when I read it to my own babies. Though it was good for the nostalgia effect.

I gave this book 3.5 stars. I hope to read it to my own babies one day and recommend it for everyone to read at least once.

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  1. i want to read it to are babies with you. that and cat and the hat,


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