Thursday, January 19, 2012

Escape From Dinosaur Planet by Jody Studdard

When Captain James Bowman’s ship, the Helix, is shot down during a routine survey mission, he and his crew make a shocking discovery. The planet they have crashed on, Antos, is teeming with dinosaurs, just like the ones that lived on Earth millions of years ago. As Captain Bowman and his crew attempt to discover the origins of the strange but wonderful creatures, they befriend Antos’s natives, a feline species called the Ondurans. Join Captain Bowman, his crew, and the Ondurans as they attempt to survive Antos’s many dangers, including hybrid velociraptors, alien pterosaurs with razor-sharp beaks, and a monstrous allosaur with teeth like knives.
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Length: 128 pages
Source: Book I Own
Publication Date: January 8th 2010

Dinosaurs, space travel and aliens OH MY!

To me this book was like a mixture of Star Trek, Jurassic Park and Primeval. There was space travel which I thought was a little blah since I'm not one for space travel that's just a little too sci-fi for me. I mean my mother is addicted to Star Trek. I get enough of that in the middle of the afternoon when she's watching it.  But thank goodness it the author didn't get overly detailed on the space travel.

I feel like the author did actually put some thought into the story although I think it was way too short and I felt like the story was a little bit rushed in parts and it seemed as though there were some details missing. The thought behind the story was good but I had hoped that there would be more, but perhaps thats because it's written for a certain age group.

Overall I liked it and found it interesting.  I've never read anything else by the author but will probably be checking out the sequel to this book just to see if the author's writiting is a little stronger and that the story will gain more strength.  All in all I recommend it as a good book for kids 10+.

★ ★ 1/2

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