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Diary of a Part-Time Ghost by Vered Ehsani


In the first book of the ‘Ghost & Shadows’ series, fifteen-year old Ash wants nothing more than to be a normal kid and avoid trouble. And then his birthday gift transforms him into a ghost and zaps him back in time to the beginning of the American Revolution. If he thought that was bad, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Armed only with an ancient history book and the quirky advice of an annoying mentor, Ash must rescue his ancestor from one danger after another, including an implacable enemy who controls the very shadows. What starts out as a brief experiment in time travel rapidly changes into a race for his very survival, and Ash is running out of time. Despite his efforts to stay out of trouble, Ash finds plenty of it as he must decide what his role will be in the shifting balance of forces. As he moves through one shadow- plagued adventure after another, Ash gradually discovers that true power lives in the most unexpected place: himself. Humorous and action-packed, Diary of a Part-Time Ghost will hold readers in its grip from the first sentence to the last.
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Length: 248 pages
Source: Review copy from the author
Publication Date: March 2nd 2011

A few months ago I was approached by the author Vered Ehsani on to review her book Diary of a Part-Time Ghost, and because I was had so many books on the go it wasn't until a week ago that I was finally able to read it.

I found the character Ash to be snarky and funny at the same time which I really liked. I also really liked BiBi, who is Ash's great aunt (if I remember correctly). I thought she was cute. Her advice to Ash throughout the book reminded me a lot of Yoda because she wanted Ash to figure things out for himself when it came to the Book of History.

As for the story, I thought it was neat. I always love time travel fiction be it juvenile, YA or adult and I haven't read any in a while so that gave this book a huge plus from me. I liked how the plot wasn't laid out in the way I thought it would have been. The whole time I read it I was left guessing as to what would be coming next. The fact that Ash was a part-time ghost added a unique aspect to the story especially when he travels back in time to meet a relative of his from 1773 and is able to become solid (there's no other word I can think of right now to describe it). The whole deal with Kali (you'll meet him when you read the book) left me puzzled and confused, but I'm guessing all will become clear in the next book.

All in all I really enjoyed this book by Vered Ehsani and I hope she releases the second book soon! I would recommend this to any YA/Juvenile fiction lovers. It's a light and easy read that will surprise you with all of its twists and turns. For a first time author I'd definetly say that Vered Ehsani is on her way to success and I hope when she does release her next book she'll drop me a line and let me review it for her as well.

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*I would like to thank the author, Vered Ehsani for sending me a copy of her book in exchange for my free and honest review.
★ ★ ★ ★

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