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*[Blog Tour Review] The Hunted Hare by Fay Sampson

The Hunted Hare
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Pennant Melangell lies at the head of a mountain valley in North Wales. It consists of a church, with the medieval shrine and pilgrimage site of St Melangell, a few cottages - and a newly constructed hotel, The House of the Hare, built by its imposing director Thaddeus Brown. To the House of the Hare come Aidan and Jenny Davison, with their seven-year-old daughter Melangell. Jenny is dying of cancer, but is determined to live life to the full while she can. She looks forward to using the hotel's archery range. Thaddeus Brown's new centre has provoked fierce opposition. When Brown is found dead, an arrow in his eye, suspicion falls first upon Lorna, his vulnerable young niece, and then upon an eccentric and passionate local man. Then young Melangell goes missing - The first of a series of new mysteries featuring Aidan and Melangell and set in what Fay Sampson describes as the 'thin' places of the Celtic world.
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Length: 288 pages (Paperback)
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Publication Date: November 1st 2012 by Monarch Books
Who doesn't enjoy a cozy mystery? I certainly do especially when I read them in the fall. For me that's the perfect time for me to break out the cozy mystery novels and enjoy many, many cups of Rooibos Tea (if you haven't tried that tea before I suggest trying it.)
So when I got the tour invitation for this novel I was really extremely excited to read this book because of the Celtic lore of the book and the fact that it was actually set in Wales. I haven't read many books set in that particular place before but I'm really glad I chose to review this one.
I loved the mystery aspect to this novel. Even though it is what I would call a cozy mystery and I usually figure the mysteries out pretty quickly this one had me surprised when everything was finally unraveled and I loved that! Nothing beats a mysterious story that is well thought out with enough twists and turns to keep me interested enough in the story that I stay up late to finish the book.
I also really enjoyed the characters. I thought Aidan was the perfect Sleuth and I liked the way the author wrote in the rest of the characters I especially connect to Aidan's poor wife Jenny who is dying as well as their seven year old who goes missing. The character development in the book was great and there was great dialogue put to use in the novel as well.
Over all I loved this book. I don't always say that I love a first novel in a series especially when it comes to mysteries. This one was great though. Lately I've been on a role picking really good books to read and review lately and I hope that when the author writes the second book in this series that I can get a review copy of it as well. I can't wait to try some of her other works and I hope they're just as good as The Hunted Hare I would recommend this to everyone who wants likes cozy mysteries set over the pond with a Celtic element.
*I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my FREE and HONEST review.
 Loved it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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  1. I love Celtic lore..and I am not sure why since I am not Irish, but the whole things fascinates me as does the setting. I think fall is the perfect time for a cozy. Great review and so happy you enjoyed it


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