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*[Blog Tour Review] The Fifth Knight by E.M. Powell

The Fifth Knight
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When mercenary Sir Benedict Palmer agrees to help King Henry II’s knights seize the traitor Archbishop Thomas Becket, what begins as a clandestine arrest ends in cold-blooded murder. And when Fitzurse, the knights’ ringleader, kidnaps Theodosia, a beautiful young nun who witnessed the crime, Palmer can sit silently by no longer. He and Theodosia rely only on each other as they race to uncover the motive behind Becket’s murder—and the truth that could destroy a kingdom.
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Length: 390 pages (Paperback)
Source: Review Copy
Available Formats: Print/E-book
ISBN-10: 1611099331
Publication Date: January 22nd 2013 by Thomas & Mercer
I'm a big historical fiction fan so when this came up for review I knew I had to sign up for the tour especially with the historical mystery aspect to the novel I knew it was right up my alley and I was 100% correct.
Set in the 1100's during the reign of King Henry II we are met with several key figures that appeared during this time such as the Archbishop Thomas Becket amongst others. I was very pleased to see that the author used such key figures in the story the way she did. In books like this I really like when the monarchy plays a role.
The setting was a unique one, as I haven't read many books set in this time period and I think it's because many authors write more about later ages since there is often more information to be researched but E.M. Powell obviously has a keen eye for detail as she created a rich historical backdrop for this well written novel.
I loved the mystery aspect of the book and how all the characters both the main ones and supporting ones played key roles in the overall telling of the story and fit in just so to make everything come together. There was drama, intrigue, betrayal, action and adventure in the pages of The Fifth Knight and I thought all the components worked together extremely well.
The characters were well developed and I liked Sir Benedict Palmer and Theodosia the most. I thought the way their characters went together and played off one each other was perfect. The bad guys in the novel we're well written as well and since I don't want to give to much about them away let me say they were some of the most devious feinds I've come across in historical mysteries.
E. M. Powell's writing was very good. I felt as though I was in the novel and I really enjoyed the way I was able to immerse myself in the story. The amount of detail paid to all aspects of the novel has made it one of my favourites of the year and one of my favourite books ever. I really appreciated all the effort that was put into creating such a twisting story with a surprising end with rich characters.
I would recommend this to any fan of historical fiction with a mystery twist. With a compelling plot and great characters The Fifth Knight is a fantastic debut and I really, really hope the author will continue writing because I'll be buying anything she writes!

About the Author

E. M. Powell was born and raised in Ireland, a descendant of Irish revolutionary Michael Collins. At University College, Cork, she discovered a love of Anglo-Saxon and medieval English during her study of literature and geography. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Manchester Irish Writers, the Historical Novel Society, and International Thriller Writers. A reviewer for the Historical Novel Society, she lives today in Manchester, England, with her husband and daughter.

 *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.

Loved it!
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  1. First, I want to say that I am new to your blog and love it! E M Powel is a "new-to-me" author but would really love to read the story of "The Fifth Knight" in exchange for an honest review. I love historical with a bit of mystery! thank you for the giveaway, it gives me a chance to discover new books!

    1. Hi from me, Nicole. I have to agree that this is such a great blog! It looks so gorgeous as well- it just makes you want to dive in here and see what delights there are. As for Kimberly's review, what can I say except this author was a very smiley author all day today (and probably will be for weeks). If you do get to read The Fifth Knight, let me know what you think! All best, Elaine

  2. Oh wow. I really haven't read too much historical fiction but it sounds amazing. I love a book that can really make you feel like you are right there in the thick of it all.

    Great review :)

    1. Hi HC-BSoup- love your posting name, it is very close to my daily life except there's an uncooperative dog. Kimberly's review is indeed amazing. It was certainly amazing for me as a writer to read it. It just makes my day when someone enjoys what I've written. As historical fiction goes, it's as much thriller as it is historical. My agent has described it as car chases with chain mail. So jump in- and let me know about what you think of the world of Historical Fiction!

  3. Wow, that cover...Aw, seems interesting, but not my type of read.. Thanks for sharing though :)

  4. Wow, compelling plot, interesting characters and great twist, you've got me there, Kimberly. Onto my TBR. Thanks.


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