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*[Blog Tour Review & Tourwide Giveaway] More than Rivals by Mary Whitney

More than Rivals
When is a chance meeting not by chance? Maybe when you hide who you are.

The night before Lily Robles announces she’s running for Congress, she meets a handsome stranger at a coffee shop. Their chemistry is strong, and not wanting to scare him off, she avoids telling him she’s a local politician. She doesn't want the night to end—until she realizes he’s one of her opponents in the primary.

Jack Bengston can’t place where he’s seen Lily’s pretty face. He's taken with her, and he's sure the feeling is mutual—until she leaves him hanging and without her number.

When Jack and Lily meet again as candidates, California State Senator John Bengston and Sonoma County Supervisor Ursula Robles, they find an awkward romantic encounter is no way to kick-off a campaign, but how do you stop an attraction once it starts? There are times when politicians want to put their identities aside.
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Length: 300 pages (Kindle E-book)
Source: Review Copy
Available Formats: Print/E-books
Publication Date: March 11th 2013 by Posit Publishing
More Than Rivals was the first book I've read by Mary Whitney and I'm 100% certain that I'll be reading more of her books in the near future. This novel served as both my introduction to a new author as well as to the political romance genre and it was a good way for me to be exposed to a new sub genre though I'm not sure if this is going to be a genre I will be reading very often.
The reason I signed up for the More than Rivals tour was because I've been wanting to step out of my reading comfort zone a bit and this one turned out to be what I needed. I enjoyed More than Rivals because it was just the right bookish escape for me at the time and offered more than the usual sappy romance (which I love but not all the time). This one had it's fair share of sweet moments but it didn't dominate the book.
What really made me like the book was the characters. Jack and Lily were one of those couples that just had to go together against all odds even if they didn't outwardly appear to work the chemistry between them was excellent and that was my favourite part of the book.
The plot of the book was unique and one I haven't seen before but I felt like it could have done with a bit more detail in certain parts. Occasionally the book would either start whipping by or else I would have some sluggish parts so for certain sections of the book it was stop and go and I wasn't a fan of that aspect. However, I think that's more of a technical thing and it's probably just me being too picky for my own good. I liked the political aspect of the book. It was something new and I liked how that was how the characters of Lily and Jack got together.
Overall, More than Rivals was a good summer read that is perfect if you're looking to try out a new author and a new romance sub-genre. It was quick, fun and had loveable characters and is one I recommend for reading outside with an adult beverage of your choice in the backyard, poolside or at the beach so you can drift away into this political romance novel penned by a great author. Mary Whitney is an author I look forward to reading more by in the future.
*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.
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Author Bio:
Even before she graduated from law school, Mary knew she wasn’t cut out to be a real lawyer. Drawn to politics, she’s spent her career as an organizer, lobbyist, and non-profit executive. Nothing piques her interest more than a good political scandal or romance, and when she stumbled upon writing, she put the two together. A born Midwesterner, naturalized Texan, and transient resident of Washington, D.C., Mary now lives in Northern California with her two daughters and real lawyer husband.



  1. I think I'm going to have to check this out.

  2. I think I'm going to have to check this out.

  3. I love a little rivalry in novels! Makes them so interesting and fun :)


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