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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In The Forests of the Night (Goblin Wars, Book 2) by Kersten Hamilton

The battle against goblinkind continues . . . but which side will Teagan be on?
Teagan, Finn, and Aiden have made it out of Mag Mell alive, but the Dark Man’s forces are hot on their heels. Back in Chicago, Tea’s goblin cousins show up at her school, sure she will come back to Mag Mell, as goblin blood is never passive once awoken. Soon she will belong to Fear Doirich and join them. In the meantime, they are happy to entertain themselves by trying to seduce, kidnap, or kill Tea’s family and friends. Tea knows she doesn’t have much time left, and she refuses to leave Finn or her family to be tortured and killed. A wild Stormrider, born to rule and reign, is growing stronger inside her. But as long as she can hold on, she’s still Teagan Wylltson, who plans to be a veterinarian and who heals the sick and hurting. The disease that’s destroying her—that’s destroying them all—has a name: Fear Doirich. And Teagan Wylltson is not going to let him win.
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Isn't the cover for this book amazing? I think it's perfectly suited for the book that lies inside it. I love, love, LOVE this book! It was just as good if not better than the first book Tyger Tyger. To put it simply this book was phenomenal.

I really wish that the author Kersten Hamilton had started writing for an older audience sooner because in my opinion this book and the preceeding one in the series are by far 2 of my top 5 favourite books this year.

The way Kersten Hamilon is able to spin a tale like this one is mind blowing. To me her characters come alive and it's as if I'm watching the scenes play out in front of me. I think that that only happens when a writer is really talented and let me tell you this woman is most definetly talented!

This book picked up nicely from where book one left us and it had a little more angst than the first book which workrd for it because Teagan isn't one of those uppity girls who gets all angsty and self centered (another word for this can be Emo :D ). I felt like she matured significantly in this story even though she is already very mature. I also liked that she showed vulnerability and emotion throughout the story and wasn't one dimensional. The relationship between her and Finn is definitely progressing but it isn't getting all cutesy which is a GOOD thing.

I love how the story focused more on Teagan and Finn this time even though it was nice to see the rest of the colourful cast of characters in Teagan's life like Aidan (he's so adorable!) and Abby or as Finn calls her, Gabby.

I also found the tone of this novel was a little darker and a little more grown up than the one before and I think that that's important because off all the challenges that are being flung at Teagan, Finn and her family/friends.

I think what makes the story so good to me is that the author was able to use humour when it came to her characters and the way she weaves Irish mythology and random obscure animal facts is seamless. The whole story flowed perfectly.

The only problem I had was that I have to wait until who knows when to read the third book in the trilogy (Please make it a long book Kersten I don't want it to be over so soon!).  I would recommend this book to the people who have read the first book Tyger Tyger which the review can be found by Clicking here.

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  1. I agree that the cover is amazing! I used to try to convince myself that I was unaffected by the cover, but that's not true. I will have to add this book and it's prequel to my wishlist.

  2. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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