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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Talisman Volume One: The Road of Trials by Stephen King and Peter Straub

The spellbinding saga of The Talisman is now a stunning graphic novel, vividly illustrated by artist Tony Shasteen. Here’s a bold new look at the classic tale of treachery and betrayal that could only have sprung from the imaginations of master storytellers Stephen King and Peter Straub.

In a run-down amusement park on a desolate beach in New Hampshire, thirteen-year-old Jack Sawyer is about to learn some hard truths—about his father’s death, about why he and his mother are on the run from his sinister uncle Morgan, and about the real nature of the mysterious realm Jack once called the Daydreams. Now, with help from his newfound friend Speedy Parker, this young man will reclaim his identity as Travellin Jack and make his first foray back into the Territories to retrieve the magical Talisman, an object of immense cosmic significance. Yet even more important to Jack, the Talisman holds the key to saving his mother’s life. In the Terrorities, where monsters lurk, evil watches, and an unbelievably precious prize awaits, Jack embarks upon a desperate quest to fulfill a destiny he never sought but cannot escape.

The Talisman: The Road of Trials comprises Issues 0 through 5 of the thrilling comic book series and features original, never-before-seen material, including interviews and early sketches. Be warned: Once you’ve seen the Talisman, nothing will ever be the same.

Summary taken from
Length: 160 pages (hardcover)
Source: Toronto Public Library
Publication Date:  May 4th 2010

WHY did I do this to myself?
WHY did the first graphic novel of the year have to be such a bad apple?
Now I've heard that this is a graphic novel that you don't have to have read the original novel version of first before you read this. I liked that because I'm not a fan of Stephen King at all. However even that fact could not get me to like this graphic novel.

The only positive thing that I do have to say about it is that the artwork was fabulous. It was drawn beautifully, the colours were amazing and the artist did a great job with the characters and the scenes.

I did not like how the novel was adapted. Yes I obviously know I didn't read the bovel but I've read enough graphic novels to know that this one was poorly adapted. For one everything was oddly placed it was as though who ever adapted it for this format just threw random lines on the pages and often times the lines were unimportant and made it feel as if there were big GIGANTIC plot and character holes. It was ridiculous! By the end of the book I was lost because the text was lacking so much I barely knew what was going on and it upset me. I hate not knowing what's going on but I have to face facts this book just wasn't for me and I would never recommend it to anyone in a million years I hated it so much.


  1. Love your blog!! Am now a follower!! Joyce

  2. I've never read a graphic novel before, despite the recommendations of friends. It sounds like this wouldn't be a good starter. Do you have any suggestions of one that would be?


  3. too bad this one didnt pan out baby. Especially since you have read some good ones this past year. i always wondered though how The shining would translate to graphic novel form.


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