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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreams and Nightmares by Ann Werner

"When he tried to get up, Ruby saw the gun. She reacted without thinking. She pulled the trigger and the blast tore into his face, splattering his brains up against the wall of the cabin. He didn't even have the time to be surprised.

The boat was still speeding across the bay and the fog held them in its blind grip.

Ruby screamed out her frustration as she realized she had to do something. Gingerly she stepped over the bodies, careful not to slip in the blood that was fast covering the deck. She looked at the array of controls before her, panic chittering away in her chest. Her breath came out in short raspy gasps as she tried to keep her balance and figure out how to make the damned boat stop, or at least slow down. She saw a large knob and pulled it down. The engine quit and the boat slowed. They drifted."

Summary taken from
Length: 232 pages
Source: ARC received from author
Publication Date: July 19th 2011

This book was different.

In a good way though, not a bad way at all. At first I really wasn't sure what genre it was because the beginning started off way differently then I thought it would. I liked the beginning but I found it was a bit slow, though I see now that I've finished the book that this was all a build up and setting up the characters for the rest of the book but it took about 70 pages for me to really get into the book.

This is my first book by author Ann Werner and I really enjoyed it. Her characters believable and she didn't over think them and they didn't come off as mechanical in their reactions to the plot or each other. Often times I find that with a newer author that's what happens but like I said I was pleased to see that was not the case in this novel.

I also enjoyed how the author took her time unravelling the plot even though she was sometimes repeatitive using phrases and words too often but I know that that happens sometimes. She made a good effort to keep the reader involved and entertained at the same time. This had all the elements of cozier type of thriller novel. I'm not sure if that's how the author would describe her work but it's how I would because to other thrillers/suspence novels this one is very light which just might make it more appealing to readers who enjoy lighter crime fiction or readers who are new to the genre. Those are who I would recommend the book most to.

All in all the story held up, the characters were strong, the plot didn't start to vear off suddenly in the middle of the story and like I said after the first 70 pages or so for me at least it definetly picked up the pace and rounded out. I really enjoyed where the novel was set and how there were 3 main characters and the book focused on each of them rotating them in a way and I highly encourage readers to try this up and coming new author a try.

To purchase the book through Amazon CLICK HERE.

*I would like to thank the author, Ann Werner for sending me a copy of her book in exchange for my free and honest review.

★ ★ ★ 1/2

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