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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Curse of the Wolf (Veela Curse Series, #1) by Danica Winters *(Blog Tour Review)

Curse of the Wolf  (Veela Curse Series, #1)

For cursed, shape-shifting Veela Gloriana, following her heart and giving her body to sexy, tortured werewolf Alexander means one thing-he will die and it will again be her fault.
Once only a man, Alexander finds himself scarred by the memories of his former life and the deceptions and lies that surround him. When a glimmer of light breaks the madness, he must let go of his misguided preconceptions and the hatred that consumes him.
On a mission for blood, they find unity in their desire for revenge, but are driven apart by their pasts. Traveling the darkest paths and fighting the very people they think they can trust, they draw closer to one another's hearts and further into danger.
Will the curse prove to be unstoppable... or is there hope in forbidden love?
Summary taken from
Length: 212 pages (E-book)
Source: Review Copy
Publication Date: May 9th 2012 by Ravenous Romance

I think I may have just found a new favourite author, and at the very least I found a new line of books that I'll be visiting for their titles from now on. I was so surprised by how much I ended up enjoying Curse of the Wolf because lately I just haven't been able to get into the paranormal genre which is a shame since it's one of my favourite genres to read.
However, since I read Gloriana and Alexander's story I think that my dry spell in the genre is over. I really enjoyed the story that Danica Winters told and I think it's because it was ultimately a love story where both characters had more than their fair share of flaws which made them much more likable to me. Nothing bugs me more than a perfect hero or heroine. I also love how this tale was one of love lost and redemption.
I also really like how the story itself flowed. It wasn't stop and go like a lot of the paranormal romances I've attempted to read lately. The characters themselves though were the selling points of the novel for me. I really came to love Gloriana and Alexander because they were so different.
This is the first novel besides Harry Potter that has used a veela  as a character and that along with the fact that Gloriana was a shapeshifter as well I found to be really unique and because of that a welcome change for the genre.

The story was a bit steamy but not overly erotic at least to me it wasn't so I think that it's a great novel for those just trying out the paranormal romance genre as well as being great for those who are already die hard fans so I honestly would have no problem recommending this book to any one because I for one am going to be keeping my eye on and I can't wait to read the second book in the series.  This is a book not to be missed so please go get yourself a copy, I don't think you'll regret it!

*I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my FREE and HONEST review.

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Really Liked it!
★ ★ ★ ★


  1. This looks like a realy interesting ebook, gorgeous cover! Great reveiw post:)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! There is no better feeling than knowing that you have enjoyed the novel.
    @Josie--Thank you. I'm glad you liked the cover ;) And thank you for leaving a comment.
    -Danica Winters

  3. This does sound like an interesting book - I'm especially intrigued by Veela's curse and how she and Alexander figure out a way around it:) Thanks for sharing your review.

    1. @Maria D. I hope you have the chance to read the book. It was so much fun to create!

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