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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Promise Canyon (Virgin River #13) by Robyn Carr

Promise Canyon (Virgin River, #13)
After years spent on ranches around Los Angeles, Clay Tahoma is delighted to be Virgin River's new veterinary assistant. The secluded community's wild beauty tugs at his Navajo roots, and he's been welcomed with open arms by everyone in town--everyone "except" Lilly Yazhi.Lilly has encountered her share of strong, silent, "traditional" men within her own aboriginal community, and she's not interested in coming back for more. In her eyes, Clay's earthy, sexy appeal is just an act used to charm wealthy women like his ex-wife. She can't deny his gift for gentling horses, but she's not about to let him control her. There's just one small problem--"she" can't control her attraction to Clay.

But in Virgin River, faith in new beginnings and the power of love has doors opening everywhere....
Summary & Cover taken from
Length: 342 pages (Paperback)
Available Formats: Print/E-book/Audio
Publication Date: December 21st 2010 by MIRA

It's been 6 months since my last foray into one of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and it was 6 months too long for me. I absolutely love this contemporary romance series by Robyn Carr. Every time I pick up one of her books I fall in love with the town and the people she has artfully created.

I'm not a big fan of contemporary romance novels but this is one series that always has me coming back and the stories always make me feel better which is why these are the novels I turn to when I'm really down.

Promise Canyon is one of my favourite books in the Virgin River series. I loved Clay and Lilly both as individual characters. The chemistry between the two of them was amazing and they seemed to go together just right even if both have demons from their past that rear their ugly heads in the story.

I loved that the author took her time to draw the romance out through the novel and everything was perfectly paced. One of the many things Robyn Carr excels at is creating realistic romances with realistic characters that are neither perfect physically, mentally or spiritually. The characters all have wonderfully human flaws which is the main reason I love reading her novels and this was no exception to the rule.

The other good thing about me finally reading Promise Canyon was that I was able to catch up with the other characters in the series which she thankfully includes in her novels. I think it's great that I can pick up a book in the series and still visit and catch up with couples from the previous book and see what kind of mischief they're up to.

When I read promise Canyon I found myself laughing a lot because of Clay and Lilly both trying not to get so attached to one another and by the antics of other characters. I can always count on these books to make me laugh and sometimes tear up because Robyn Carr really knows how to evoke emotion with the romances in Virgin River.

As nice as it was to meat Lilly and Clay and a few other characters there's always a sadness in the books to help the reader appreciate the lovely romance going on and sometimes it's necessary to have to say good-bye to a much loved side character every now and then and it hurts but the good thing is the reader can always re-read the series and seed those long gone characters again.

As always, this was a phenomenal romance novel and I'm so glad I finally sat down long enough to read it. It rekindled my love for the series and I've already got the next two books in the series sitting on my night table waiting to be read.

I would recommend Promise Canyon to anyone who has read the Virgin River series up to this point and if you haven't started the series yet I highly suggest that you do but I recommend starting at the beginning of the series where you can be properly introduced to the town. This is the best contemporary romance series out there in my opinion and it will make you want to give up your big city dreams and make you move to this make believe town and you'll fall in love with the characters.

Loved it!

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  1. I really like this series too. I am looking forward to reading this one!

  2. Hmm, I think I should consider your recommendation and start reading this series or atleast something by this author. Sounds like you're in love with it. I do like contemporary romance and falling in love with the characters is definitely a huge attraction.

  3. It's been a very long time since I've picked up a book in the series. I probably need to jump back in. I've loved a lot of them but the last one drove me crazy and I just haven't picked them up again but I think you've convinced me to try again :) I do love how she develops the romances so that they really do feel realistic and not too rushed. They all have such lovely covers too!

    Have you read A Virgin River Christmas? That one was one of my all time favorites. I bawled over those two.

  4. I loved this one, and ooh this week I am reviewing book one of the new Thunder Point series, since Virgin River has review posts Tuesday i think :)


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