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Monday, May 26, 2014

Quote-Tastic Monday #48

This one is simple and just about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from! Hosted by the FABULOUS Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup
Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1)
Cover taken from
Torn clothing littered the ground, more hung from bushes. Nick held up half a pair of white panties and grinned at me.
"Wild dogs? Or just Clayton?"
"Oh God," I muttered under my breath.
I walked over to snatch the underwear from him, but he held it over his head, grinning like a schoolboy.
"I see Paris, I see France, I see Elena's underpants," he chanted.
"Everyone's already seen much more than that," Jeremy said. "I think we can safely resume the search."
Peter plucked Clay's shirt from a low-hanging branch and held it up, peering through a hole in the middle. "You guys can really do some damage. Where's the hidden video when you need it?"
"So this--uh--wasn't done by wild dogs?" one of the searchers said.
Peter grinned and tossed the shirt to the ground. "Nope. Just wild hormones.”
I love this series (though I'm way behind) and I love Elena and Clay. This was the first paranormal romance I ever read 10 years ago and I still have my original copy of it (it's falling apart but I can't let go).


  1. This is one of my favorite quotes; in fact I've used it for this meme. :D My original copy is battered but not yet falling apart, maybe because I bought a second copy. :D

  2. Oh, I love this quote!
    This is the first time I hear about this book, but now I'm really curious!


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