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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chibi Vampire Volumes 1-4 (Karin #1-#4) by Yuna Kagesaki

Summary: Karin is a cute little girl who also happens to be a vampire...with a twist. Once a month, she experiences intense bleeding from her nose--we're talking gushers! In other words, she's a vamp with blood to spare, so rather than stealing blood from humans she actually gives her blood to them. If done right, this can be an extremely positive experience that benefits the "victim" as much as the vampire. The problem is that Karin never seems to do things right!
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Since I don't want to give all of the plot away to potential readers I will not be adding the summaries for the volumes 2-4 in this review thus I will only be providing the summary and cover for Volume One.I hate when too much of the plot is given away by reading the summaries when the volumes at hand are reviewed in bulk such as these.

Now on to the review!

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I decided to grab these off the shelf in the teen graphic novel/manga section in my library last Thursday. Perhaps I was drawn to the covers. I'm a sucker every once in awhile for a cutesy book. This happened to be one of those occasions.

So yesterday I started reading them and was immediately drawn to the artwork. I'm fast coming to love the manga/anime style. I mean I was a fan of Sailor Moon (still am but now I pay homage to that show on the down low).  I mean I think the main character Karin is adorable. She's so tiny and cute! I had high hopes for this series since I was so impressed with the artwork but sadly the stories leave much to be desired.

I stuck it out through the first 4 volumes of this 14 volume series and I haven't seen any real plot progression. I find the story to be quiet boring and the characters to be very one dimensional no matter how cute they are. I especially hate Ren, Karin's older brother is a complete ass, her mother is a b!tch and her father is a little creepy. Speaking of creepy her little sister has a doll that's possessed by the spirit of a serial killer who murdered 13 people with a kitchen knife...but I actually liked that part. I love me some creepiness.

I think I may stick this series out just because I want to see what happens but I highly doubt that the author will impress me, which makes me sad since I so wanted to like these more than I did. It could also be because though this series is rated T+ for older teens it's still to kid like for me.

So far I'd give these 4 volumes 2.5/5 stars each as a rating and would only recommend them to younger teens, who like really fluffy manga. But I strongly urge those who decide to read this series to borrow them from the library and not buy them until you're sure you like them.


  1. sounds interesting to say the least. sucks its not picking up enough steam though even with the possessed doll thats a serial killer lol. hows the dad creepy?


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