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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trench (Megaladon #1) by Steve Alten


Its appetite is ravenous. Its teeth scalpel-sharp. Its power unstoppable as it smashes the steel doors holding it in a Monterey, California aquarium. The captive twenty-ton Megalodon shark has tasted human blood, and it wants more.
On the other side of the world, in the silent depths of the ocean, lies the Mariana Trench, where the Megalodon has spawned since the dawn of time. Paleo-biologist Jonas Taylor once dared to enter this perilous cavern. He alone faced the monster and cut its heart out; and he wears the painful scars of that deadly encounter. Now, as the body count rises and the horror of the Meg's attack grips the California coast, Jonas must begin the hunt again.
But to do that means returning to the dark terror of the trench . . . where the Meg is waiting. Using himself as bait, Jonas will enter the ultimate battle - a fight to the death between man and beast in the darkest recesses of the ocean . . . and a fight for his sanity from the depths of his own tormented soul.
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Forgive me if the review is short, but I'm running on no coffee here folks.
I started reading this series when I was 15 and I've read it completely out of order. I love Shark Week and I love creatures of the past. Plus I've loved all the other books in the Megaladon books so how could I resist reading this book?

Since I read the series out of order, it was nice to put the missing pieces in place and now I have the whole picture of how Angel the 72 ft megaladon came to be in the Tanaka Institute. It was also an opportunity that to see Terry and Jonas's relationship when they were younger before the kids came along.

I loved the sense of adventure in this book along with the blood and gore. I don't really have  anything bad to say about this book except maybe that it could have done without the character Celeste Singer. Maybe it's because I'm a woman and she made the moves on Jonas who is married. I hate home wreckers. 

All in all I give this book 4 stars out of 5.

P.S. I'll probably be re-writing this when I get some caffeine.


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