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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Future Door by Jason Lethcoe


The Future Door

Thomas Nelson | December 6, 2011
A mystery is afoot at 221 Baker Street, but will Griffin Sharpe be able to figure out the clues before the future catches up with the past?
When Sherlock Holmes moves out of Baker Street, a new tenant moves in-a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has long been a fan of Holmes. When she discovers that Griffin and his uncle are also detectives, she becomes very friendly. So when Elizabeth goes missing along with a special invention, Griffin sets out to rescue her. But finding Elizabeth will take them on a race against the clock that bends time itself!
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I received my copy of The Future Door for free from  which is a great resource offering bloggers the chance to read books free in exchange for their honest reviews. Check it out everyone!
So I was browsing the selection of available print books on the website and since I am trying to read some YA/Children’s books in order to recommend them to my niece and nephew I decided that this is the one I wanted to try.
                I was skeptical at first because I have read other YA books that were dealing with a child sleuth and sometimes…it feels like the author was trying far too hard to make the main character seem witty and we all know that when an author tries too hard things can go bad. Very bad. Good thing for me though it seems that I picked a good book to review. I say this despite of it being Volume 2 in the series and I have not read the first volume I found it easy to follow and I plan on reading volume one soon.
                I absolutely adored Griffin! I love how serious he was but still managed to have moments when I was reminded that he was still a kid, despite being a genius. I loved how passionate he was when dealing with the Moriarties! I also loved his uncle Rupert though I like Griffin believe that he should have gotten more credit for inventions. Plus having Toby Sherlock Holmes’s dog in the book gave it extra brownie points for me. I love how the author Jason Lethcoe added humour into this book. It gave it a nice touch. I found it to be a great book for kids and adults and highly recommend it to everyone. In fact I think I may be passing my copy on to my nephew for Christmas time. I hope the series continues because I would love to read more of Griffin’s adventures.
 ★ ★ ★ ★


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