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Monday, March 12, 2012

From Zero To Four Kids in Thirty Seconds by Amy L. Peterson

Amy is a 30-year-old woman who spent many years polishing an unapproachable outer shell and maintaining a long list of reasons why not to have children. She keeps a canoe on her front porch, a mountain bike in her kitchen and a balance in her checking account.

Mark is an older, divorced man with four kids. He sleeps on an Army cot and eats out of pots and pans given to him by his therapist. He has a Ph.D. in stream ecology, a VW Rabbit with 285,000 miles on it and enough fishing tackle to sink a small boat.

Amy falls for Mark hook, line and hundreds of dollars in sinkers.
Summary taken from
Length: Unknown
Source: Review Copy from author
Publication Date: 2011

Just over a month ago I was e-mailed by author Amy Peterson asking if I would review her book. Since I'm almost always up for helping an author out with reviewing their book I obliged. Unfortunately for her, I've been a bad reviewer and only got to the book last week, on the plus side the plus side this book was my second read for the Review Copy Cleanup Challenge! This fellow bloggers, is what happens when you over commit yourself to reviewing. Now, on to the review!!

I was pleasantly surprised while I was reading the book. It was much funnier than I expected it would be. Amy has an awesome sense of humour and I found myself to be laughing with increasingly more frequently as the book went on. I loved her little tips. My favourite is tip number 38: A woman's desire to get rid of junk is directly proportional to a man wanting to hang onto it. Why? Because it's true at least with Mister Turning The Pages it is.

Her book was a lighthearted look into her life when she met her future husband mark and followed write on through to the present. Not only did she take on Mark, she took his 4 kids along for the ride as well (or did they take her?) After reading the book I'm still not certain who took whom on a wild adventure all I do know is that I liked reading about it!

For me, this was a nice little dose of non-fiction where I was able to read about her adventures (and misadventures). The only complaints I have for the book was that sometimes words and phrases were overused and sometimes the flow of the book seemed to ebb and my mind started to wander, but that's not to say it isn't a good read because it is. Amy has written a good little book that adds a nice splash of real life stories to the reading world that is rife with paranormal, mystery, and romance books so the change in pace was welcome for me, I hope Amy turns her writing skills to writing some non-fiction for her adult readers because I'd love to read another book by her.

I recommend this book to people looking for a light read that will make you laugh and smile and if you're a parent, or are married you might just find your life parallelling some of her stories.

To purchase the book on Amazon CLICK HERE
To visit Amy's website CLICK HERE

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my free and honest review.

★ ★ ★1/2


  1. I like the title and cover. I think I will look this up for a light read sometime.

    1. I like the cover too :) It suits the book. Quirky, and cute.

  2. It is a cool cover. nice review baby. how many pages is it?


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