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Saturday, March 3, 2012

RCC Challenge: Showing off my pile!!

This challenge runs from 1 to 31 March, 2012.
✦ Sign-ups are open until 15 March 2012.
Every book you received for review counts towards the challenge, both ebooks and hard copies, including all genres and lengths.
Challenge schedule:
✦ March 2 – Show Off Your Pile
✦ March 9 – Cuddle Up With a Book
✦ March 16 – Don’t Be Such a Tease!
✦ March 23 – Mysterious Meet-up
✦ March 30 – Love Will Find a Way

I personally have a lot of of books I've been asked to review since starting this blog and I'm sad to say that I've been lagging quite a bit on reading them. So this challenge is right up my alley!

Here are the one's I'm planning on reading this month:

NetGalley Books for Review: (May add a couple later)

Reviews requested by authors: (I may add a few later)


  1. Ah, great pile there. And thanks for reminding me. I have 'The Beacon singer' for review. I completely forgot all about it, thanks to my Kindle App crash. God, I was so organized earlier thanks to it.

    1. Your app crashed? That's horrible! I fogot about the Beacon Singer to until I went to my review requested shelf.

    2. I know! And no matter how hard I try, I removed it, downloaded again but it refuses to work. So, I am using Calibre now.

      I started The Beacon Singer way back but couldn't get much into it. Will try again.


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