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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Jams #10

Tuesday Jams is a meme where you share your favourite songs. bands and the current song you're feeling and is hosted by Sharonda from Salacious Reads

So I know y'all must be getting tired of me posting about South African bands but I can't help myself I plan on moving there some day and I love the music that comes from there. This features an American (Peter Hollens) A Kenyan (Alisha Popat) and a South African singer (Zolani) and I love this song to bits!
What are your Tuesday Jams this week?


  1. Its a good song baby. Good choice

  2. Nice Kimberly! Are you really planning on moving there? I've never been but maybe a trip one day will be in my future :) Was a lovely song.

    1. I'd love to move there someday maybe in 10 years or so but first we want to visit since that's where my dad's from.

  3. I would love to visit S. Africa one day. Awesome share :)


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