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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

When I look back on the past year of reading I feel proud of myself. 
Last year I read a grand total of 242 books, the most I've read in a number of years and while I'm excited I surpassed my goal of 75 books I can't help but wonder...could I have read more?
No doubt I could have but since I also have a life outside of reading (hard to believe it but I do. Honestly I do). 
Thinking back on all the places books have taken me I can't help but feel grateful to the authors for writing.
For 2012 I plan on reading 250 books (though my goodreads counter says 75 I'll increase it by 25 every time I pass a milestone.

How many books did you read in 2011?
What was your favourite and why?
How many do you plan on reading this year?


  1. I read 177 books last year. My top 3 favs were Downpour, The Passage and Shatter Me.
    I hope to read at least 200 for 2012.

  2. Those are all ones I have on my TBR shelf, I'll have to make it a point to read them this year especially after reading your reviews!

  3. I read 168 books last year and my favourite was probably Anna & The French Kiss. Great post, I'm now following you and will be sure to check out some of your have books!


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