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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dirty Little Secret #3

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by  at Under the Covers. Every Thursday they ask a question hoping to reveal other bloggers "dirty little secrets"

This week's question is:

If you had 600 million dollars to spend,
what would be the first thing you bought?
If I had 600 million dollars I would by building materials and build my parents a quaint but lovely little pioneer cottage like they've always wanted and have it built on the land where our existing cottage sits. I would make sure it had all modern amenities and would make it safe for them as they are aging :)

Pioneer log cabin
What would YOU buy first with 600 million dollars?


  1. I love that. It's so sweet of you! Such a selfless daughter :)

  2. That is really great! Thanks for visiting. I am a new follower!

  3. That's a wonderful idea!

    Here's my Dirty Secret for today.

  4. you live in a cottage? that's so cool

  5. Aww that's really sweet! :-)

    Here's my DLS this week:

  6. WOW--LURVED your cottage--it is very similar to the one I pictured in my head for my manuscript. :)
    Here is the link for my DLS:

  7. love that picture! thanks for stopping through & I'm now following you. LOVE the Blog too!

  8. That's really sweet. Personally... the first thing I would do is set aside some of it so that it generates enough interest for me to live off for the rest of my life. Then, I would start construction on the best house ever. It will have a HUGE library: Big tall bookshelves with ladders, like in Beauty and the Beast, big wooden tables in the middle to work on, a huge fireplace, leather chairs, a raised office space (like Dumbledore's office in the first two films). It will also have a secret bookshelf that slides away to reveal a tunnel. Voice activated "Lumos" to turn the lights on. I'll fill it with original book cover artwork and movie props and it will go under my huge pool and end in a tower that is filled with MORE BOOKS. LOL. Not that I've thought about this a lot.

  9. That is super sweet! And that is a cute house that you chose for the picture. :)

  10. I think I'd buy myself an island. :) Then build a house like the photo you choose. :) I'm quite spontaneous with money, I'd really need someone to hold me back..haha

  11. Cool! It loos comfy. ;)

    Here is mine with "ANY e-book by Sable Hunter" erotic romance Giveaway!

  12. aw that's sooo sweet of you. A cottage sounds soo cute. Of course I've never lived in one before but that sounds cozy!

    My DLS

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  13. That is beautiful. I want a Barn House! I love the cozy feel of log cabins or timber in homes. *Two Thumbs up!*
    My Dirty Little Secret

    Have a Great Weekend!
    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

  14. So sweet and thoughtful! very lucky parents to have such a caring daughter!

    And that cottage looks amazing!

    Here's mine: Lit Girl: Dirty Little Secret #2

  15. Cute house. But, if you're planning on it being for them as they age, I'd probably make it one level, unless there's going to be those chair thingies that go up and down stairs. That's something my parents kept telling my husband and I when we were looking for a house, think about how easy it will be to get around the house and keep it up when you're older.

    My DLS for this week.

  16. Ooooo….that pioneer house looks lovely! Love it! So nice of you to build something like that for your parents

    Here's my DLS

  17. That house is soooo cute!! I love it, and how nice you think of your parents before yourself *hangs head in shame* lol!!


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