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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tagging Her Lynx by Abby Wood

Tagging Her Lynx
Living in the bush of Alaska, Chloe Barrant wanted to take care of the animals at her wildlife refuge and ignore the times she shifted into a lynx. Even she knew that wasn’t normal. Little did she know that the day she’d turn away the poachers she’d find a male lynx coming to her rescue. What surprised her even more was when the lynx turned into a man claiming her as his life mate.

Granger, alpha of the Lynx clan, would do anything to protect the Lynx. They’d lost too many members to the hunters who preyed on them. Finding his alpha life mate gave him back dreams for the future that he’d given up on long ago.

Chloe didn’t understand how the other Lynx expected her to fill the alpha role within the clan, when around Granger she only wanted to slip into beta role and submit to him. Could she figure it all out in time to save the Lynx?
Summary & Cover taken from
Length: 111 pages (E-book)
Source: Kindle Freebie
Available Formats: E-book
Publication Date: April 23rd 2010 by Breathless Press
Last night I really needed something light and fluffy to read after finishing a bit of a heavier read so I picked up Tagging her Lynx by Abby Woods and since it had been given some pretty favourable reviews I had high hopes for it.
The bad news is this book just wasn't for me. I keep hoping that I'll come to enjoy novella's but so far it's only happened a couple times where I've like the story. This wasn't one of those times but at least I can say that I gave the book a chance.
This was definitely a case of this not being the book for me. The book started off really well but by about 20% in I was getting really annoyed with the book. The two main characters were both too extreme for me. Chloe was far to subservient to Granger for my tastes and Granger was just pig headed. Honestly he wouldn't let the girl work ever again because it's not what the women in the Lynx Clan do. I just felt that the book was very stereotypical of a shifter romance and the x-rated parts were bland and repetitive. I'm not a prude but it just felt as though the scenes were recycled.
I think that if this had been a full blown 200-250 page it would have been a good book because everything in the book happened so fast it would have been much better for me if it had been slowed down a bit and the characters weren't so over the top.
Overall, this book didn't do anything for me but I'm in the minority as there are many people who did like the novella a lot. I would recommend it to people who like shifter romance novellas with extremely alpha heroes and very meek women.

Not For Me!

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  1. Sorry to hear you didnt enjoy the book. Seriously wouldnt let her work. Thats outdated. Great review


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