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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Straight to Hell (Lilith Straight, Book 1) by Michelle Scott *Blog Tour Review*

The moment Lilith Straight dies, the Devil appears to claim her soul and cash in on a family curse. Now, Lilith has no choice but to work for him. The job is bad, the boss is worse and she can’t imagine how she’ll explain her new reincarnation to her eight-year-old daughter. But then an arrogant, yet oh so yummy, incubus shows up…and hell heats up just a little more.
Summary taken from
Length: 179 pages (e-book)
Source: ARC provided by author
Publication Date: September 8th 2011

Back when I first started my blog in October I signed up for this tour not even thinking that I would still have a blog by the time this tour rolled around let alone having a Kindle to read it on but I'm still here and I did get a Kindle to read it on and I'm extremely glad to have been a part of the blog tour. Which by the way I will be posting an author interview for tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

Thinking back, what first made me sign up for the tour was the cover. I don't know about you but I really did covers like this. I think that in the midst of really steamy covers there is a need for a more simplistic and flirty (did I just use the word flirty? Yep) cover just to set things a part a bit more and I think that the covers are so vibrant that they really do work and get more people interested.

When I read the book I thought it started off on a pretty high note. I like how Lilith and the side characters like her daughter, niece, half-sister etc. were introduced to the story line and I enjoyed how the author didn't really jump into the paranormal aspect of the book right away and let the story build up a bit.

But I'm sad to say that there were several parts of the book did not appeal to me. I had a very difficult time connecting to the characters because I wish that Lilith had been a stronger character. She seemed rather timid to me for most of the whole book and her inner monologues grew rather tiresome. I thought that she let everyone walk all over her even when she had her demon working for her. I wish she had shown more of a backbone and that she was a lot stronger because she just didn't work for me.

However, there were some things I did like about the book. I enjoyed the way that Michelle wrote about Lilith becoming a succubus. I thought it was a really unique twist on it and that the book was a lighter take on the paranormal side of fiction which was refreshing because a lot of them are intense.

Overall I wasn't really that impressed with the book. I liked it but it could have been better. The writing was really good but like I said I was unable to connect to any of the characters because I thought they were irksome. However, I will be continuing the series by reading the next book because I do believe Michelle has a talent for writing. I would probably recommend this book to those who want a quick easy paranormal read.

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*I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my free and honest review.

★ ★ 1/2


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the book! I can see where you're coming from - Lilith does kind of let people walk over her in this first installment - I think she was just trying to find her feet, though, because in the second book ... BOY has she got a backbone!!
    If you want to see a more feisty Lil, read the next book! She's much more amiable too!

    Dani xx

  2. I really couldn't connect with Lilith either. I was frustrated by her lying (oh I fit in my cheerleader uniform, no wait, I'm lying)... I couldn't look past many things in this story and had a really difficult time forcing myself to finish. It's nice to know I wasn't the only person that had issues.


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