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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #11

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spineand is where we can talk about books we are looking forward to being released!

Here are my picks for the

Beta (Beta, #1)
In a world constructed to absolute perfection, imperfection is difficult to understand—and impossible to hide.

Elysia is a clone, created in a laboratory, born as a sixteen year old girl, an empty vessel with no life experience to draw from. She is a Beta, an experimental model of teenaged clone. She was replicated from another teenage girl, who had to die in order for Elysia to be created.

Elysia's purpose is to serve the inhabitants of Demesne, an island paradise for the wealthiest people on earth. Everything about Demesne is bioengineered for perfection. Even the air there induces a strange, euphoric high that only the island's workers—soulless clones like Elysia—are immune to.

At first, Elysia's new life on this island paradise is idyllic and pampered. But she soon sees that Demesne's human residents, the most privileged people in the world who should want for nothing, yearn. And, she comes to realize that beneath its flawless exterior, there is an undercurrent of discontent amongst Demesne's worker clones. She knows she is soulless and cannot feel and should not care—so why are overpowering sensations clouding Elysia's mind?

If anyone discovers that Elysia isn't the unfeeling clone she must pretend to be, she will suffer a fate too terrible to imagine. When Elysia's one chance at happiness is ripped away from her with breathtaking cruelty, emotions she's always had but never understood are unleashed. As rage, terror, and desire threaten to overwhelm her, Elysia must find the will to survive.
Summary taken from
Length: 304 pages
Expected Publication Date: October 16th 2012 by Disney Hyperion  
Why I'm Waiting:
I really like thelooks of this book, I think the summary is rather intense which I love and the cover is awesome. Why does October have to be so far away?!
The Forsaken (The Forsaken, #1)
A thought-provoking and exciting start to a riveting new dystopian trilogy.

As an obedient orphan of the U.N.A. (the super-country that was once Mexico, the U.S., and Canada), Alenna learned at an early age to blend in and be quiet—having your parents taken by the police will do that to a girl. But Alenna can’t help but stand out when she fails a test that all sixteen-year-olds have to take: The test says she has a high capacity for brutal violence, and so she is sent to The Wheel, an island where all would-be criminals end up.

The life expectancy of prisoners on The Wheel is just two years, but with dirty, violent, and chaotic conditions, the time seems a lot longer as Alenna is forced to deal with civil wars for land ownership and machines that snatch kids out of their makeshift homes. Desperate, she and the other prisoners concoct a potentially fatal plan to flee the island. Survival may seem impossible, but Alenna is determined to achieve it anyway.
Summary taken from
Length: 384 pages
Expected Publication Date: July 10th 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Why I'm Waiting:
I like dystopian novels and this one is obviously part of that genre, and I really like the cover for it!
A mysterious and powerful fantasy adventure from a Schneider Award winner

In the near future, most of the population of the United States has been destroyed by the plague. The few remaining survivors live in colonies on the barrier islands off the East Coast. In one colony near Cape Hatteras, almost all the members have elemental powers and can control wind, water, earth, and fire. All but sixteen-year-old Thomas. When the Guardians, the powerful adult leaders, are kidnapped by pirates seeking to take over their colony, it is up to Thomas and a small group of teens to save them and preserve the
mysteries of the island.

Fast action, strategy, and mystery churn together into a bold and fresh fantasy from an award-winning author.
Summary taken from
Length: 320 pages
Expected Publication Date: November 21st 2012 by Dial
Why I'm Waiting:
It sound like a great read, and I've never heard of this author before, plus the cover is a bit darker than the others which I really like.
Now, what are YOU waiting for this Wednesday?

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  1. I am planning on posting Beta for my wow next week! it looks really good and I love the cover!


    My WOW:

  2. Its a dystopian week.. they actually look pretty good.. :D <3 autumn

  3. Great choices. They all look amazeballs. Thanks for sharing :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  4. Ack, I'm with Kristin, planning on posting Beta next week. This calls for some re-strategizing. :) The Forsaken looks incredible, that's definitely going on my TBR pile.

    Love your choices!

    My WoW

  5. Great picks! I am really eager to get hold of Beta as well.

    My WoW -

  6. These are all definitely eye-catching and sounds like great stories!

  7. Beta sounds really good, that one has been added to my TBR pile! The Forsaken was already on my pile, I can't wait for it to be released! Thanks for sharing :)

    Claire Reads WoW

  8. Beta has been on my radar for a while but I'm really keen on Forsaken - Great selections!
    My WoW

    @TCAbn The Motley Chronicles

  9. Beta sounds like a pretty cool read! And doesn't the Elemental cover look almost exactly like those for Divergent and Insurgent?! Haha cover déjà vu

  10. Beta looks really interesting. I'm adding it to my TBR list! I love the cover, but the premise sounds intriguing too. Great picks this week!

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books <--My WoW!

  11. These all look really exciting. Great picks!

  12. Three great books that I really want to read! I am particularly interested in the premise of The Forsaken. Thanks for introducing me to these, hopefully, fabulous books!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  13. I don't even know where to start! You picked some fabulous books, but I'm particularly excited for The Forsaken - I just love the cover SO MUCH. It looks so original and vintage-y!

    Tara @ Hobbitsies

  14. Can't wait for all three of them! Specially Elemental!

    Great picks! :)


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