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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

*[Blog Tour Spotlight & Giveaway] Taming a Wild Scot by Rowan Keats

Badge- Taming a Wild Scot _ Rowan Keats
Wrongfully accused of murder and left to die in a hellish Highland dungeon, Ana Bisset has lost all hope of freedom. But the beautiful healer’s luck takes an unexpected turn when a hooded stranger appears as her rescuer. After a harrowing escape, Ana settles alone in a quiet village where no one knows her past or her reputation. The last thing she ever expects is to meet her mysterious savior again…
Niall MacCurran is no hero, but a warrior on a dangerous mission to expose a threat to the realm. After his decision to free Ana, he now realizes that it is he who needs her help—willing or no—to advance his quest. But his growing feelings for the delicate yet resilient beauty soon jeopardize their safety—and not even Ana’s healing gifts may be enough to protect their love, or their lives.
Genre: Historical romance
Length: 368 pages (Mass Market Paperback)
Elements/Tags: Medieval, Scottish, Highlander
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Publishing Date: November 5, 2013
Format: Print & Digital

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She was just about to spring to her feet and make her escape when a large, heavily muscled arm encircled her waist, hoisted her onto the bed, and shackled her. Not to the bed this time, to his body. Ana struggled, but her labors were in vain. There was not an ounce of give in his hold. 
“Let me go.” 
She clawed at his bare arm. “I will not rest until I am free.” 
“Then you will greet the day with bleary eyes.” 
“As will you,” she promised hotly. “I will happily see you sleepless as I work to get free.” 
“You’ll not enjoy my company should you rob me of rest, lass.” 
“I care not. Your company is already unbearable.” 
With a heavy sigh, Niall tucked her tightly against him, threw a leg over hers, and leaned into her. Just like that, she was effectively pinned. His body pressed her into the mattress, his weight like warm steel. 
“Sleep,” he murmured into her hair. 
Ana stared at the fire in the pit, barely able to breathe. Not because his weight was excessive—he’d put just enough of his body over hers to stop her from moving—but because she could feel every inch of him along her back and legs. And the glimpse she’d gotten of him as he settled for the night had scorched a permanent portrait in her thoughts, from the dark blue symbols tattooed across the hills and valleys of his left shoulder down to the tips of his toes. Every muscle was exquisitely carved from silk and stone, every limb a perfect blend of power and grace. She’d never seen a man so braw. 
Did he truly believe she could slumber in his arms? 
She couldn’t deny the comfort provided by the heat of his body, however. An hour spent on the inhospitable dirt floor had chilled her rump and feet to the point of numbness. But as she lay cocooned in his embrace, the cold bite of winter fled with the swiftness of a humiliated foe—her icy flesh thawed and her shivers ceased. She had the strangest urge to press herself deeper into his arms—to take full advantage of the protection he was offering—but she dared not move. His breaths, now softly fluttering the hairs behind her left ear, had slowed again. Moving would surely rouse him, and Ana much preferred the sleeping giant to the bitter knight. 
At the moment, his only interest was rest. If he woke fully and grew conscious of the feminine curves pressed into his groin, he might change his mind about forcing an unwilling maid. With any luck, his grasp on her would ease during the night, and she’d be free before such awareness took hold. 
All she had to do was remain awake until her opportunity arose.

Meet Author Rowan Keats

Rowan Keats pens historical adventures about hot Highland heroes and the women they claim. The first book in her Claimed by the Highlander series, TAMING A WILD SCOT, hits store shelves on November 5, 2013. Rowan’s debut garnered a 4 1/2 star review from RT Book Reviews, which also named her “a rising star of medieval romance”.
When not writing, Rowan can frequently be found in a dark movie theater indulging in a large bag of popcorn, or watching the sunrise with a mug of steaming coffee wrapped in her hands. She lives in Central Canada with a goofy black lab, a very talkative cat, and a daughter whose own creative talents awe and inspire her every day.

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  1. This one sounds awesome...thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. This story sounds really interesting. I like that the tables are turned and the female character is the one on the run, not the guy.

    1. Me too, I can't wait to get my hands on this one. It looks great plus the author is Canadian (like me) so I've gotta show my support :)

  3. Oh cover love. I'm so adding this to my list Kimberly!!

  4. The blurb and excerpt are great. I love books about sexy Highlanders. Love the cover also. Can't wait to read it, definitely adding to my to read list.

    1. I love me some sexy highlanders too and the cover is just gorgeous I love it!

  5. Highland romances are like a drug to me...I can't resist them and I need more and more of them to read. I can really get into the "zone" while reading them...imagining myself living during the time of the story. I'm so glad to have met a new author of Scots stories.


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