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Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day

I don't do many non-book related posts on the blog but I always try to post something on Remembrance Day.
I don't know about how other nations handle this day, or what they teach their children about it but I was blessed to have gone to schools in Toronto where there was always, always information available for it's students, and an emphasis was put on it  day from the time I was in Kindergarten to the time I left high school for which I am truly grateful. What I loved about how the teachers at my schools handled Remembrance Day was the fact that they did not make it seem like Canada did more than any other country. The emphasis was placed on the world coming together and acknowledging the sacrifices that everyone made which is something I think many people forget but what I strive to remember.
This isn't to say that you should not be proud of your country's individuals who fought for the freedoms you have. I am very proud to be Canadian and I thank our current armed forces for their service along with veterans so they know that they're gifts to us were not in vain and will not be forgotten. My point is to thank all those who have fought and are currently fighting for your rights and freedoms. Thank them for changing the course of history for the better. Thank them for risking their lives.
If I were to ask you to do anything for me, today I would ask you to shake hands with anyone you come across in uniform, or out if you know they've served your country. Tell them you appreciate them, and please consider donating to help veterans and their loved ones. Whether you agree with current politics or not, they are the ones who have fought for us so take a moment at 11:11 a.m. and remember that EVERY DAY is Remembrance Day.
In Flanders Field - Copy of Signed Original


  1. For an internship, I worked at a veteran's hospital for a year. I felt so honored to help some of the veterans and active duty service men and women there.

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